Dr. Sylvia HusseyNative Hawaiian Education Council, Directorhussey


Sylvia joined the Council in November 2014. Prior to the Council, Sylvia spent 12 years at Kamehameha Schools with operating responsibilities and oversight of the admissions, financial aid, scholarship, ancestry verification, community resources, distance learning, education and information technology, human resources and project management functions. Sylvia also has audit and accounting and information technology consulting experiences from her earlier career in public accounting, consulting with a number of State of Hawaii departments. Dr.Hussey received her Doctor of Education (EdD) in Professional Educational Practice and Masters in Private School Leadership from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa and also has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Brigham Young University–Hawai’i.
Dr. Kalehua KrugUH Mānoa, College of Education, ProfessorKalehua


Kalehua is a resident of beautiful Waiʻanae and a father of three haumāna in Ka Papahana Kaiapuni at Ke Kula Kaiapuni ʻo Ānuenue.  He spends much of his time establishing the Hawaiian language and culture as the foundation of the lifestyle and core values of his ʻohana through kākau uhi Hawaiʻi, mele Hawaiʻi and many other traditional practices.  Kalehua currently sits as the Chair of the ʻAha Kauleo Hawaiian Immersion Advisory Council and from there, advocates for the equitable resourcing and administration of Hawaiian Language Education initiatives.  He is a faculty member at the College of Education at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa and focuses much of his work on the research and development of appropriate methods of curriculum construction, assessment and teacher education for Ka Papahana Kaiapuni.
Roxanne StewartKa ʻUmeke KāʻeoROXANE-STEWART


Roxane Kapuaimohalaikalani Stewart is the kiaʻi loko for Hale O Lono a loko iʻa kuapā in Honohononui on the island of Hawaiʻi. Kaulana Mahina is an integral component to the understanding the intricacies of this unique system. Like many other look iʻa, attention to life cycles is innate—moon phases and tides impact the types of work that is planned and conducted at any given time. Over the past 16 years, Roxane has developed a very effective educational kiaʻi loko curriculum currently being utilized by Ka ʻUmeke Kāʻeo students and with a small group of elementary students being trained as apprentice kiaʻi loko. In addition to being a look iʻa practitioner, Roxane is also a kiaʻi Kanaloa working with our Kanaloa who strand or are in distress. Roxane holds a Bachelor’s degree in marine science and and Master’s degree in marine resource monitoring and education.
Kīhei Nahale-aPapahana Kuaola, Program DirectorKihei-Nahale-a


Kīhei Nahale-a is the Program Director of the Kupualau Division at Papahana Kuaola. Kupualau has introduced the lunar calendar planting method in itʻs loʻi kalo spaces, and has also been tracking the moon’s influence on kānaka, ʻāina, and akua through its pilot after-school program Kīkoʻu Koʻolau. They have recently begun implementing scheduling and coordination of events and groups around the perspective of Kapu Pule and the akua that each kapu focuses on.